BEM Webinar 2020:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirement by Ir. Dr. Muhammad Fuad Bin Abdullah. Date : 24 August 2020, Monday 

Download Slides  : BEM WEBINAR 2020 - CPD Requirement.

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MyBEM - Guideline how you can used MyBEM portal:

Download Slides  : MyBEM QA - How to fill in CPD Hours.

Download Slides  : MyBEM Renewal - User Guideline.

Download Slides  : MyBEM Issues on Login.

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Magazine The Ingenieur by Board of Engineers Malaysia :

April - June 2020 : The Ingenieur (Vol 82) - Waste Management.

Jan - March 2020 : The Ingenieur (Vol 81) - Engineering Fratenity.

Oct - Dec 2019 : The Ingenieur (Vol 80) - AERO and Aviation Industry.

July - Sept 2019 : The Ingenieur (Vol 79) - Engineering and Construction Practice.

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Code of Conduct (Ethic) of Registered Person :

Code of Conduct (BEM)-Circular_001

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Date  : 16/11/2020, Monday.

List of KPKT Legislation : Latest update.

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Technical Talk Slide (For MEMBER Only)

Date  : 30 September 2020, Wednesday.

Application of Passive Fire Protection to Meet BOMBA Requirement and How Can We Do Proper Inspection During Construction by Ir. Ng Beng Hooi, Head of Engineering Department and Mr. Toh Zhen Yee, Specification Engineer from HILTI MALAYSIA.

Download Slides : HILTI Firestop.

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Date  : 07 October 2020, Wednesday.

Understanding the Requirement, Installation for Post Install Anchor and Rebar by Ir Ng Beng Hooi, Head of Engineering Department, Ir. Mun Yew Fai, Specification Engineer and Mr. Edwin Soo Kok Run, Field Engineer from HILTI MALAYSIA.

Download Slides  : Pullout Test By HILTI.

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Date  : 26 August 2020, Rabu.

Installation and Testing Required for VRV System by Mr Tay Yang Jiun, Senior Manager Sales and Service and Mr Ha Yik Pin, Field Application Engineer from Daikin Malaysia. 

Download Slides  : Daikin VRV Good & Installation Practice.

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Date  : 14 August 2020, Friday.

Water Pump :  Application, Selection and Best Installation Practice by Mr Chuah Chong Kang, General Manager from PUMPField Corporation.

Download Slides  : Pump Application by PUMPField.

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Date  : 17 November 2019, Sunday.

Contract Act and PAM Contract by Ar. Nasaruddin 

Download Slides :

Contract Act and PAM Contract Module 1.

Contract Act and PAM Contract Module 2.

Contract Act and PAM Contract Module 3.

PAM Contract 2006 VS 2018 Module 4.

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Date  : 16 November 2019, Saturday.

Strata Development Act by Ar Aimee.

Download Slides  :  Strata Development Act by Ar Aimee
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Date  : 20 January 2019, Sunday.

Overview Development Process, The Parties and Legislation Involve by Ar. Mohd Fuad Ahmad.

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Date  :  6 April 2019, Saturday.

Overview Development Process, The Parties and Legislation Involve by Ar. Hisham Ali.

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Date  : 7 March 2020, Saturday.

Housing Development (Act 118) by Ar. Aimee Roslan.

Download Slides  :  Housing Dev Act 118
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Date  : 16 February 2020, Sunday.

Fire Requirement through Uniform Building by LAW by Ar. Fadillah Zain.

Download Slides  :  

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Date  : 15 Februari 2020, Saturday.

Basic on Concrete Technology for Site Supervisor and Inspector of Works by Mr Ricky Ting Hong Yew.

Download Slides  :  Quality Control of Concrete
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Date  : 29 November 2020, Sunday.

Fire Fighting System (Active) : Design, Installation and Testing Require for Site Supervision by Mohammad Husni Bin Abdul Wahab.

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Dokumen berkaitan Projek JKR Bahagian Elektrik.

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