Just Tired Or Sick?

serious illness. Feeling tired after long activities or when the body is not healthy is a common thing. But it’s good to check yourself if you constantly feel tired, despite having slept as much as eight hours a day. Medically, fatigue can be a sign of certain diseases in the body. In some cases, depression and anxiety can shed the spirits and make you experience unbearable fatigue. In addition to fatigue, depression can make you experience a lack of sleep, feel worthless, eating disorders, and can trigger symptoms of serious illness. Iron deficiency anemia is a condition when red cell production declines. This condition causes patient feel tired constantly. Anemia is experienced by about 5% of men and women postmenopausal but is more commonly experienced by women who are menstruating or pregnant. Anemic patients will easily tired, not powerful, and feel the muscles are heavy. This disease can be detected by blood test procedures. You may need a good relaxation method like buying a massage chair for example to overcome your fatigue symptoms. When you decide to buy a massage chair, it is important for you to see massage chairs reviews.

It is difficult to determine whether your condition is just being tired can refer to certain serious diseases. If your fatigue is persistent for months, you should check with your doctor to diagnose other possibilities. Naturally, if an occasional person feels anxious about some things. But there are some people who experience a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) that makes them constantly feel anxious all the time. These anxieties are often uncontrollable and ultimately affect their lives.