Not maximizing the network

Because of fear with nepotism label then you are often reluctant to use your network. Though one of the biggest sources of job vacancy information comes from the network. As long as you only need the information, not the ease to get the job, then it is fine if you ask about job vacancy information to your network and can also register at -search / job-center-online-application-form. The network can also be used as a reference source. But be selective in choosing who has known your performance, qualifications, and work competencies. That’s why it’s important to keep building and maintaining your network, from college to apprenticeship, to friendships and business relationships.

Each company has different standards regarding the CV and applications that enter. Each advertised position also has unique and different qualifications. Customize each cover letter and your CV with position and company. Open your cover letter with the corresponding name or HRD staff/manager, rather than just a position. For example, writing “Dear Mr. Gerald, HRD Manager”, is better than just writing: “Dear HRD Manager” because you give it a personal touch. Likewise, with the CV, adjust the skills you have with the qualifications required by the company.