How to find a trusted B1 English exam place

When you are going to get a UK visa, then taking the B1 English test is a must. However, finding the right place is necessary, so you can take the exam properly without being scammed. That’s why in order to help you and other people who want to take the test, the Trinity College Leeds wants to share with you some tips in finding the right place for the exam.

Find the licensed exam place

If it’s license, then your chance to take the exam safely will be very high. The licensed places are trusted by the UK government, so you’ll do it just fine.

Ask for recommendations

You might ask your friends or relatives who’ve already passed the test and get their hands on the UK visa. They will likely show you the recommended and reliable places to take your B1 English test.

We hope this info helps you to find the right place to take your Exam.