Another thing about Korean pop you should know

Let’s say that you have some Korean pop albums but still want to buy more kpop albums. This may be most fans do. However, you need to know that not all artists and singers are Korean.

Yeah, that’s right. K-pop stars aren’t all Korean. Much the same as in America, not all well known melodic specialists are American. Stunner, I know. Nichkhun (first picture), is an individual from kid band 2PM and is nicknamed the Thai Prince. He is, obviously, from Thailand. Victoria Song (second picture), is from China and is a piece of young lady bunch f(x). She is generally known in both China and Korea. Last imagined is Alex Reid, an African-American young lady who joined K-pop young lady amass RaNia in 2013. Alex Reid was already marked to organization Def Jam before joining the K-pop group. There is shockingly a considerable amount of assorted variety in K-pop that even some K-pop audience members are unconscious of.