Dissemination of Japan Itai-Itai Disease Conducted in South Tangerang

The socialization of Japan’s Itai-Itai disease will be conducted in Tangerang Selatan, a signing agreement between the Indonesian educational promotion organization (IEPF) based in Toyama city with Japan’s international cooperation agency (JICA) and with an Indonesian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Itai-Itai disease socialization initiative will be conducted in various countries and this time to Indonesia. Yasunobu Kuboki IEPF leader yesterday signed an implementation agreement that will disseminate the Itai-Itai disease with JICA and an NGO in Indonesia. Various other information you can read in tangsel news.

Itai-Itai disease came to prominence after the Toyama newspaper reported August 4, 1955. Yata Kiyonobu visited a hospital to meet doctor Noboru Hagino showing the patient victim due to the dirty environment of waste not recycled from Mitsui Mining and Smelting at Kamioka plant. The pollution then littered the Jinzuu river that docked in the bay of Toyama. Residents around the river contaminated so infected that makes them pain say Itai-Itai when treated. The words promoted by journalists Yata was written so big that the title of the news became a famous Italian disease in Japan and even worldwide, in the UK become the current Itai-Itai Disease.