Flash Light Camera Cause Blindness Baby’s Eye?

A story published online states that a 3-month-old baby is blind because a camera flash is aimed at very close distance from his face. News that quickly spread throughout the world, certainly makes the parents worried about the effects of flash on the camera eye. Moreover, now capture and share photos of children in social media becomes a pride. You can contact us and also use our newborn photography services, we will help you to get the best picture of your baby.

The story is about a family in China who accused flash cameras of blindness in one of her three-month-old boy’s eyes. According to the baby’s parents, this blindness occurs when a friend takes close-ups of her baby’s face from a very close distance without turning off the camera’s flash light first. But apparently, this is impossible. If a camera flash can blind the eyes of a baby, then there should be many blind babies out there. Connecting blindness by taking photos with the camera, that’s not true, says the head of eye ophthalmologist and eye genetics at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia.

The same goes for flashlight and even bright sunlight. Looking directly at the sun, on the other hand, is not a good idea for eye health. But, the babies will naturally take their eyes off, when they accidentally look at the sun directly. The only thing parents need to keep away from children to protect their eyesight is the laser pointer. The light from this object can damage your retina. The laser is a highly focused light source, which can cause burns. Even so, when the laser pointer is fixed on the baby’s face, no need to worry as long as it does not hit his eyes.